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Expertise That Delivers

Investing in great communities, acquiring multifamily and commercial real estate assets, providing quality rental units to the market.

  • A vital component of the rental housing market

  • Housing to an underserved segment of the market

  • Restoration and preservation of existing housing so it can remain viable into the future

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Collard Properties Inc’s highly experienced team and in-depth market expertise enable us to identify investment possibilities and strategically position them to maximize the value of our portfolio. We are committed to developing long-term investment plans and when it comes to property investments, we don’t make any compromises.

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Collard Properties is skilled and experienced in management and operation of multifamily real estate assets. We oversee the management of the majority of the properties in our portfolio.

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Since 2016, Collard Properties Inc. has successfully acquired properties across Ontario, Eastern Canada and more recently, the Caribbean. We have successfully sourced, negotiated, and built our own significant property portfolio through strategies.

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