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46 Units Multifamily Apartment for Investment in 720, 740, 760 College Street, Bathurst, New Brunswick.

Site Zoning


Property Description

720, 740, 760 College Street is a group of three multifamily buildings totaling 35 two bedroom apartments. 720 consists of 15 units while each of 740 and 760 consist of 10 units. The buildings have plenty of parking space to accommodate for the number of units. The area provides a convenient space for families to live. The quiet residential area gives minimal traffic also making it more convenient to walk or bike for those who enjoy outdoor leisure. There are many schools in the area, both in English and French. The buildings are only a few minute commute from most amenities in the area as well as many options to shop or dine for those who like to get out.

Property Details



Unit Size


Site Size

3.96 Acres

Commercial Space


Unit Mix

35 Two Bedroom

Year Built


Location Highlights

  • There are many places to eat and shop just a short drive away.

  • The area provides ease of accesst o many amenities within a short commute.

  • These buildings are located in a quiet residential area.

  • The location offers many English, French and Bilingual schools in a short radius.

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