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Ready to invest in real estate?

How to start?

We strive to make investing as convenient as possible for you. That is why investing into Collard Properties Inc.'s Mutual Fund Trust only takes three steps to complete. With just three simple steps, you can become a real estate investor and start building your portfolio. 

14 - 18% Targeted Return

Across our projects, we target an annual return of 18% with a 10% preferred rate. That means you get paid first, before we will.

A person looking at real estate investment online
Couple invseting in real estate

1. Reach out

Reach out to our Director of Investor Relations,
Nicole Tomkinson,
to start the process at or contact us by submitting the contact form below. 

2. Submit Form

You will receive an online form to fill out with your contact information, investment amount and type of funds (i.e., RRSP's, LIRA, TFSA, cash, etc.)

3. Complete Agreement

We will work with Axiom and Waverley to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and your funds are in a self-directed account if necessary. Once approved, we will send you a subscription agreement to complete.

Our Expertise

Fully Integrated

  • Exposure to physical Real Estate Assets

  • Tour your properties

  • Passive hassle free ownership

Exclusive Portfolio

  • Carefully scoped Cities, Markets, Demographics, Types of Properties 

  • Underperforming & Undervalued Multifamily

  • New Developments

Value Add

  • Increasing Revenue

  • Decreasing Cost 

  • Improve community

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  • Instagram
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