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mutual fund investment option in canada

Collard Properties MFT

Our Collard Properties Mutual Fund Trust (MFT), based in Canada, offers investors a passive stream of investing while we take care of the heavy lifting.


As a mutual fund in Canada, we take care of the heavy lifting, leaving investors to sit back and watch their investments grow. Our professionally managed fund holds a range of commercial properties, residential buildings, and land development assets.

We believe in transparency, and our team of experts is here to guide you through every step of the process. Investing in our mutual fund in Canada is the perfect opportunity to benefit from the reliability and stability of real estate investment without the hassle of active management.

How it works

12 to 36 Month

Our Mutual Trust Fund Term varies from 12 to 36 months, depending on the project. That way, you can choose the best duration for your investment goals.

Cash & Registered Fund Eligible

Investments are cash and registered fund eligible so funds can be collected from your TFSA or RRSP.

14 - 18% Annual Return Target

The Collard Properties Mutual Trust Fund is targeting an annual return of 14% to 18% across our projects with a preferred rate of 10%.

$20,000 Minimum Investment

You can start your real estate investment journey with as little as $20,000 to hold units in our MFT.

Quarterly Investment Reports

We understand that you want to know what is being done with your investment and how the projects perform. With our mutual fund, we aim to give you peace of mind by providing you with detailed quarterly investment reports.

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