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Navigating the Property Investment Landscape: Our Feature on the 'Inspired to Invest' Podcast

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Jamie and Leslie Collard got featured on 'Inspired to Invest' podcast

We recently had the honor of being guests on the "Inspired to Invest" Podcast hosted by the immensely experienced Serena Holmes.

Serena, a licensed REALTOR® with eXp Realty, has over 15 years of experience in the investment domain. When she invited us to speak on her esteemed podcast, we jumped at the opportunity to share our story, experiences, and insights with a broader audience.

A Glimpse into the Episode

The episode takes listeners on a journey through our extensive portfolio, highlighting the significant shifts we've taken, especially in the realm of land development. We discussed our biggest obstacle, success, and lessons that have impacted our business in the right way and opened doors to potentially lucrative returns for our investors.

One of the most enlightening segments of our chat revolved around the concept of Mutual Fund Trusts (MFT). To many, the world of MFTs can seem daunting. Yet, they offer an exciting vehicle for investments, one which we believe has the potential to revolutionize the way property investments are perceived and managed. We spoke at length about how investors could essentially own units in these trusts, drawing parallels to shareholder agreements and elucidating how profits and cash flows are shared.

Why This Episode Stands Out

While we've been part of various interviews and discussions in the past, this one was special. Not only did we have the chance to talk about the nuances of our business, but we also shared the principles and values that guide us. Our belief in "having courage and being kind" underpins every business decision we make. We also resonated with the sentiment of taking the elevator up and ensuring we send it back down for the next person, emphasizing our commitment to community, growth, and shared success.


This podcast episode is more than just a chat about property investment. It's a reflection of our journey, our values, and our vision for the future. We're incredibly grateful to Serena and the "Inspired to Invest" team for this opportunity.

The Podcast will premier on 16 August. Access the podcast on Serena Holmes's Youtube channel. Whether you're a seasoned investor or someone just dipping your toes into the property market, there's something in it for everyone.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. Here's to many more shared successes and enlightening discussions in the future!

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