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Real Estate Investing in Canada: Exploring Opportunities and Comparing to Stocks

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Stock investing vs real estate

Which path is the right one to grow your wealth? It's a common dilemma faced by many investors.

On the one hand, real estate investing offers tangible properties, rental income, and potential appreciation. On the other hand, stock investing provides access to the dynamic world of businesses, with the possibility of significant returns.

Understanding the pros and cons of each investment option is vital in making an informed decision.

This article explains real estate, stock investing, and each option's challenges and opportunities. It will help the investor gain a better understanding of their potential.

Real Estate Investing

Real estate can be a great investment option because it offers growth and stability.

Investing in real estate means earning money in different ways. One way is through cash flow, which means making a regular income by renting the property to tenants.

Another benefit is the tax advantages as a real estate investor. This means one might pay less in taxes, which can save money.

Lastly, real estate has the potential to appreciate, which means its value can increase over time, allowing the investor to sell it for a higher price.

Real estate investing in Canada

In Canada, the real estate market is quite active. There are different types of real estate investment opportunities available.

One option is residential properties, homes, or apartments where people live. Another option is commercial properties, buildings used for businesses like offices, stores, or warehouses.

Lastly, there are rental properties, which the investor can buy and then rent out to tenants to earn income.

What is Real Estate MFT?

When an investor works with a real estate MFT, it means they partner with a company with a lot of knowledge and experience in real estate investing.

Investing in a Real Estate MFT is buying a small piece of the group's properties.

Investing in Real Estate MFT can help investors diversify their investments, spreading their money across different properties to reduce risk.

And they may give access to larger-scale investment opportunities, which means investors can invest in bigger and potentially more profitable properties.

Stock Investing

Stock investing is when people buy a company's shares. Stock investing is important because it allows people to make money and grow their savings over time.

When companies do well, their stock prices increase, and investors can sell their shares for more money than they bought them.

Investing in stocks has many benefits. One benefit is liquidity, which means buying and selling stocks whenever the investor wants is easy.

Another benefit is flexibility; investors can invest as much or as little money as they want. Good choices lead to a chance to make high returns.

Real Estate Investing vs. Stock Investing

When it comes to choosing between investing in stocks or real estate, it depends on a person's goals, preferences, and circumstances.

Here is a comparison on the following basis:

Risk level

Both stocks and real estate involve some level of risk. The value of stocks can change quickly because it depends on how well the company is doing. Real estate values can also go up or down, but generally, they tend to be more stable and less volatile.


Stocks and real estate can provide good returns, but the potential for higher returns often lies with real estate. When the property's value increases, people can sell it for a higher price and make a profit.

Stocks can also go up in value, but they can be influenced by many factors, making it harder to predict their performance.

Personal choices

Investment choices should align with what someone wants to achieve. If a person prefers owning a physical property like houses or buildings and enjoys being involved in managing them, real estate might be a better fit.

On the other hand, if someone prefers buying and selling shares of companies and doesn't want the responsibility of maintaining properties, stocks might be more suitable.


While both investing options have positive and negative points, Real Estate investment is considered less risky, and if you love taking risks, you can certainly look into investing in stocks.

Anywhere you invest, gaining knowledge about the market and understanding its fundamentals is essential.

If you want to invest in Real Estate, investing in Real Estate MFTs can be a good way to earn money and grow savings. It's like being a part-owner of different buildings and earning rent money from them.

At Collard Properties, we believe in uplifting communities, reinventing properties, and realizing opportunities in property investing.

Invest in Real Estate MFTs and choose us as your trusted partner to maximize your investment potential. With a solid track record since 2016, we have diligently worked to enhance and optimize hundreds of properties, ensuring sustainable returns for our investors.

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