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Southwest Ontario

Collard Properties Inc. owns several doors in Southwest Ontario including, St. Thomas, Brantford, Hamilton, Barrie, Burford, Paris and are always looking for our next opportunity to grow.  Please check our list of properties to date below.

30 Chatham St. Brantford ON.

This property was purchased in May of 2019. Our recent offer on the property has fallen through. We are busy finishing up the last of the to do’s and will be re-listing this property for sale in January 2022.

50 William St. Paris ON

This property was purchased in June of 2019 and is nearing the end of renovations. Currently our crews are wrapping up all of the electrical and plumbing finishes. The interior painting will be completed mid - December and we can begin looking to find new tenants for the last unit.

41 Albert St. Hamilton ON

This property has been in our possession since December 2019. Currently the exterior and common area renovations are underway. We are patiently waiting for drawings to install the HRVs to the units.


We finally have a hearing with the Landlord and Tenant Board regarding the last three units. We are working towards a win-win solution for all involved and hope to get the renovations started to make these units safe, maintained and clean.

75 Elm St. St Thomas ON

We are nearly half way into the renovation goal for this BRRR with 12 2-bedroom units fully completed. Three units have been leased at $1495.00 and we are enlisting the services of Prime Realty in London, ON to help lease the additional 9 units. The St. Thomas market remains strong with low vacancies due to the proximity to major employment centres including London, Woodstock and the Waterloo region.

169 David St. Kitchener ON

As of December 1, we have three vacant units and asbestos remediation is in operation. As no permits are required for this BRRR, we are commencing renovations on the three units once the remediation is completed. We have also ordered new windows for the entire building and are excited to give the exterior a fresh makeover concurrent to renovations.

65 St George St. Brantford ON

We purchased this 24 unit building in September of 2020. The refinancing of this property has been completed and crews are busy wrapping up the final to do list on this property with the exception of two units. Last week the building’s elevator received a shiny new face lift and we are so happy with the way it turned out.

22 Grant Ave. Hamilton ON

This 6 unit building is owned by our son Aaron. After some delays in past months, permits were obtained for this property and we have received word that the long awaited underpinning should be starting in January 2022. Some delays were experienced due to Covid and the excessive amount of rain we received throughout the Fall. In the meantime our construction company is busy getting quotes prepared so we are ready when it's go time!

Anne & Cundles Rd Barrie ON.

All three homes are 95% completed with the last steps being to have the water and gas utilities connected. We are targeting Jan 1st for tenancy and will work to fill all units as quickly as possible. Please visit our weblink for pictures and details to share on the rental application.

586 Victoria St. S Kitchener ON

Tenant turnover has been consistently moving forward at 586 Victoria and as of December 1, 2021, we have 8 of the 11 units vacant. Asbestos remediation has been completed in half of the building and 3 suites are currently in the renovation phase as no permits are required for these units. For the remaining units, we have finalized and approved drawings with Fabrik Architects and are submitting for permits in December 2021 with the goal of commencing renovations in early spring 2022.

89 Dumfries Paris ON

The architectural firm is presenting drawings to us in early December 2021 and in collaboration with engineering and our general contractor, we are aiming to submit for permits in January 2022. Our goal is to start construction in early Spring 2022.

369 Maple St. S Burford ON

Our application to the County of Brant to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law to permit the development of approximately 40 new self-storage units has been deemed complete and the County has scheduled a public information meeting for December 7, 2021. Approval to move forward with the storage units would allow us to maximize NOI from this property. The site currently has 2 barns which will undergo renovations in 2022 and be used to store our renovation materials.

112 King Burford ON.

The future headquarters of Collard Properties Inc. finally has some movement. After waiting on locates, we were able to dig the test holes to determine the property’s septic system needs. The soil samples came back clean and the Engineer is preparing the drawings to be approved by the County. Once we receive approval, we can obtain the permits we need to start the renovation.