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227 Units Building with 2 Commercial Spaces for Investment in King St - Regina St. Waterloo, Ontario

Site Zoning


Property Description

Waterloo Land Assembly consists of 6 residential lots located on King and Regina Street to be developed into a 20 storey, 227 unit high rise building with an additional 2 commercial spaces on the main floor. The building will have ample underground and street level parking to more than accommodate for the number of units. The project will have clean modern finishes to give the building a professional looking character on the inside and out. The area provides good access to public transportation as well. The centrally located building provides a short commute to amenities, services, restaurants and activities. Because the location combines low, mid and high rise buildings, it makes the area very walkable or bikeable. The location provides a convenient home for families with lots of schooling options in a short radius. For those who enjoy nature or getting outside the area has many options for trails and parks to relax, unwind or get a breath of fresh air.

Property Details



Unit Size

687.3 sqft

Site Size

0.9 Acres

Commercial Space

1654 sqft

Unit Mix

190 One Bed, 37 Two Bed

Year Built

2024 (Breaking Ground)

Location Highlights

  • Nature lovers will enjoy the parks and trails within just a short radius of the building.

  • The central location makes the area very walkable or bikeable with most amenities close by.

  • The location allows for good access to public transportation.

  • The area provides lots of schooling options for families within a short distance.

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